We are so very proud to recognize four of our talented students who recently performed at the Northeastern Junior Districts Festival Concert over the weekend. Chiara Tazoa, Pablo Rivera Beauchamp, Felicity Blaney-Williams and Giuliana Imbriano represented Thurgood Marshall Middle School, and the City of Lynn on Saturday.

For over 50 years, students from the Northeastern district of Massachusetts have been auditioning, and performing at the festival comprised of instrumental and vocal students. After a lengthy audition process of rehearsing with their school teachers, then auditioning, students find out if they were accepted. They then receive the music to be performed and work on it with their Teachers in the weeks prior to the festival.

The Wednesday before the concert students arrive at the performance space at 2:45, usually a school in the district, and rehearse with a professional clinician until 7:45. The vocalists are broken up into two choirs: Boys and Girls. The boys and girls meet separately to work with their clinicians on the songs chosen, learning many techniques and skills needed to be excellent performers. These clinicians are flown from all over the US, and are highly respected musicians in their respective fields.

On the following Friday Students repeat the same routine from Wednesday. Arrive at 2:45 and rehearse with their clinician until 7:45. During this process they form many friendships, as they are working closely with each other to make beautiful music.

The next day, Saturday, students arrive at the school around 9:00 am, dressed in their concert attire, black and white. They rehearse for a couple more hours, fine tuning their music, and gaining more knowledge from their clinician. After lunch, students wait and relax, mentally preparing for the concert at 1:00 pm.

Boys Choir waiting for Performance below:

Girls Choir waiting for Performance below:

It was quite interesting to see the differences between the girls and boys choirs. The girls were usually seated quietly, resting and relaxing, or warming up, whereas the boys were standing around the piano while one of them played songs from the 70’s and 80’s, and were singing together. The boys clinician spoke to them before going out onto the stage and said: “Gentlemen, what you were just doing there, singing, and having a good time; don’t ever stop doing that!”

Students are then lead onto the stage to perform the music they have been working on for months, usually to a sold out audience. This is such an incredible experience for these young men and women, and we are so proud to have been able to share it with the four students from TMMS.