Students at Thurgood Marshall Middle School participated in a three week coin drive fundraiser to help raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We are pleased to announce that our students were able to contribute $1,690.92 to the organization! The homeroom that raised the most money was Mrs. Giroux’s with $217.59. They will be enjoying a pizza party celebration! Students worked hard to save pennies they found at home, requested from their parents, neighbors and family members, and brought them to school in an effort to help those suffering from blood cancer. Through classroom discussions, students learned about Leukemia and Lymphoma and the effect it has on people. The students immediately wanted to help contribute to research funds as they are hopeful that one day scientists and doctors will discover a cure. We are so proud of our students for being such caring and compassionate members of their communities. Their desire and motivation to host this coin drive, shows that children can make a big difference in our world. We are looking forward to our school participating in this fundraiser next year!