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Mustangs Cross Country Schedule 2017

Mustangs Cross Country 2017 Date                               Meet                                      Location Sept. 27   Wed.            Mustangs vs Salem                         Salem   Oct. 3       Tues.            Revere vs Mustangs                        Lynn Woods   Oct. 5         Thurs.         Breed vs Mustangs                          Lynn Woods   Oct. 11       Wed.          Mustangs vs Marblehead               Marblehead   Oct. 24       Tues.          Mustangs vs Peabody                     Peabody   Oct. 25       Wed.          Saugus vs …

Mustangs Baseball and Softball Teams Schedule 2017

Mustangs Baseball and Softball 2017                                Sept. 15                     Salem vs Mustangs*                                   Breed Fields   Sept. 18                     Pickering  vs Mustangs*                        Pickering Fields   Sept. 19              Mustangs vs Triton White (baseball only)         Triton Fields   Sept. 25                     Mustangs vs Breed                                        Breed Fields   Sept. 26                     Peabody White vs Mustangs*                   …

PE class Pod Dodge

Pod Dodge is an activity we play in our PE classes. It’s an exciting dodgeball game where the object of the game is to knock down both of your opponents PODS (hula hoops built like a pod) to score a point for your team.

Mustangs Spring Track and Field Schedule 2017

MUSTANGS-TRACK-AND-FIELD-SCHEUDLE-2017.docx All Spring Track practices take place on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3pm to 4pm.  Practices will be at the fields behind Lynn English weather permitting.  Students will be dismissed from that site.  Days that the  weather does not permit the team to go outside there will be practice inside the school.  Coach Kelley will …

Running the Gauntlet in P.E. Class

Run the Gauntlet

We use a warm up activity called “Run The Gauntlet” with our classes as a fun way to work on their cardiovascular endurance.  They must avoid being hit by various balls being rolled by students on the side lines as they run the “gauntlet” through the middle of the gym.