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New Thurgood Marshall Middle School Still Being Recognized

As we approach the new school year we always want to remember the impeccable work and steadfast excellence that our architect Gene Raymond and our construction company Walsh Brothers contributed to our learning environment. We are blessed to have such a beautiful and inspiring space in which to work, learn and grow.

Congratulations to the Raymond Design Team and Walsh Brothers Inc for winning this award.

Raymond Design Team:
Gene Raymond – Architect
John Bartecchi
Walsh Brothers Inc:
Mike Mallett
Brian Bianchi
Robert LaPierre

TMMS Students Give Advice to incoming 6th Graders

8th grade students wrote a booklet of stories and advice for incoming 6th graders. Famous local author Nila Webster was inspired by the students at TMMS and wrote “Because We Dreamed It”. Students then met with Nila who challenged these students to write their own poems, stories, etc., for students that would be entering TMMS next year. The students had a fun time sharing their advice and well wishes.

Exhibit and Visit

Image result for motivation


The month of May at TMMS is the month of MOTIVATION!

This week we had the All City Art Exhibit and a visit from Dr. Luke Conlin of North Eastern University.  

Students from all over the city displayed their talented art work at Lynn Arts.  Students in Mr. Cook’s and Ms. Pratt’s class from TMMS had wonderful pieces at the show.


One of Ms. Detrich’s science classes got a visit from Dr. Luke Conlin who guest taught an Astronomy lesson.  The students then got to use the telescope at High Rock Tower Observatory.  Cool!  Thank you Dr. Conlin! 


Foreign Language Update

In Mrs Ross’ beginning Spanish class this is what is going on: 6th GRADE:  students have just finished a unit on the numbers up to 100 with some fun games like Battle ship and Bingo and are now progressing on to the calendar.  We are tying the numbers into the calendar with having the students …

Empowering Girls at TMMS

The Girls Empowerment group started at the beginning of school year 2016-2017 and was developed to bring girls together to become agents of positive change. The group run by Ms. Price and Ms. McGuinness is centered around mindfulness and compassion. As the weeks have progressed they have discussed everything from positive self talk, looking at moments from others’ perspectives and engaging in acts of kindness. At this point the girls are trying to spearhead a 24 hours social media challenge where they encourage members of the TMMS community to step away from their apps and use the available time to do something positive for themselves or others.

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Lynn Rotary Club Award Recipient

Dignity, respect, effort, attitude, and motivation. These five words spell out the DREAM acronym which is the guiding principal at Thurgood Marshall Middle School. These words also perfectly describe Vi Nguyen.

Vi is an 8th grade student in Cluster 7 at Thurgood Marshall Middle School. Vi came to Marshall this past September from Vietnam. Not only did Vi have to focus on learning the English language, but she also had to adjust to her new home. Vi is also the only person in Cluster 7 that speaks Vietnamese. To most people this would be overwhelming, but Vi rose to the challenge.

Vi makes coming to school a priority. She is rarely ever absent. While at school she is extremely dignified. She has all her materials for class (especially her bilingual dictionary), her homework is meticulously completed. And her attitude in class is serious and focused. She is truly a model student. Vi’s positive attitude about school is contagious. She is a leader in all her classes and the amount of English she has learned since September is impressive. Her teachers can always count on her to help students in class with difficult assignments or help a new student get acclimated to the cluster. She does this all with respect and poise.

Though her work ethic, friendly demeanor, and leadership skills are present in all Vi’s classes, she has proven to be exceptional at math. She plays the online program First in Math at home every night. She is ranked as one of the top ten players for the entire school. She has maintained this ranking since the fall. When Vi finishes her classwork she opens up her math book practice test booklet and works on diligently solving each algebra problem page be page. It seems there is no math problem that she can’t solve!

In closing, Vi is an asset at Marshall, especially in Cluster 7. She is passionate about her education and helping others. Vi’s effort and motivation are remarkable. Her teachers are honored to be able to teach her every day and her classmates are fortunate to be able to learn from her every day. She clearly represents the DREAM.

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TMMS Mustangs

2017 Strings Teacher of the Year

We would like to give a huge shout-out to Ms. Mona Rashad who was nominated as the 2017 String Teacher of the Year by the American String Teachers Association.

Ms. Rashad has dedicated her life to sharing her love of the violin with children from underrepresented and diverse communities. Ms. Rashad currently teaches violin in Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra’s Intensive Community Program, and in the Lynn Public Schools. One of the founding violin teachers at the Conservatory Lab Charter School in Boston, Mona has had 16 years of extensive teaching experience, including holding teaching posts in the Boston, Holyoke, and Marlborough Schools, and at the Community Music Center of Boston, and the Indian Hill Music School.

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She studied Violin Performance and Music Education at Rice University and the New England Conservatory where she was a student of Kenneth Goldsmith and James Buswell and studied Pedagogy with Marylou Speaker Churchill and Maria Benotti. Mona grew up in Houston, TX and began her violin studies as a Suzuki student in the public schools. At the age of 12, she was invited to Japan to participate in an International Suzuki Festival and play for Dr. Suzuki. As a teenager, she performed in Carnegie Hall and throughout concert halls in Europe as a member of the orchestra of the High School for Performing and Visual Arts and the Houston Youth Symphony.

She studied Suzuki pedagogy with Carol Sykes, and uses Dr. Suzuki’s child development philosophies to inspire her daily teaching. She believes that all children can be nurtured to become accomplished, creative, and poised musicians, and also develop into positive role models in their communities through their love of making music together.

All of us at TMMS are so proud of you Ms. Rashad and all of the fine work you have done for our strings program at Thurgood Marshall, and in the City of Lynn.

Click on the image above to read more in the Lynn Item!

Scenes From a School

D. R. E.+A.M.

The month of March we acknowledge students exemplifying EFORRT!


    The amount of work put forth to reach a goal. 

    Use of physical and mental energy.

    Answer  everything as best you can

    Remember don’t give up


Happy Spring!

Image result for happy spring

Included in this blog are pictures from:

·  TV Media filming in the hallway

·  Hallway displays of student work

·  Exploring waves in Science Class

·  Working on skits and props in an ELA Class

·  Working with diagrams and play dough in a Math Class

·  Using technology in class







March 29th!

4:00-6:00 pm


Penny Drive
Super Job Everyone!

Our school raised a total of $1,690.92!



       Recycle SWITCH CANS program starting in the cafeteria! 

Hope you have a super weekend!  Enjoy!

Girls INC Summit

Congratulations to all of the girls accepted in the Girls INC Summit

Diana Gomez cl8
Angeline Pojoy Cl8
Cassidy PA cl5
Anjelis Amaro cl8
Juana Bonilla cl8
Naiomi Rodriguez cl8Leslie Cox cl8
Emily Lebrasseur cl3
Liana Lebron cl3
Kiarsten Stewart cl3
Alliyah Cuevas cl4
Claudia Perez cl4
Marissa Pacheco cl4
Carolina Diaz cl3
Felicity Blaney cl3
Aratris Chaviano cl5
Dennis Reyes cl7
Yuleisy Pamela Hiraldo cl7
Georgina Toribio cl5
Sherina Ortega cl5
Sabrina Sefa cl5
Clarisse Ebeh cl5
Sindyannett Martinez cl2
Catherine Torres cl2
Hannah Knonieczny cl10
Niorllorys Despiau cl2
Michelle Lesperance cl10
Lydia Splaine cl5
Massiel Tolentino cl5
Emmah faris Howes cl1
Candace Erwin cl1
Kaitlyne Spring cl1
Emily Lebrasseur cl1

Pennies for Patients a Huge Success!!

Students at Thurgood Marshall Middle School participated in a three week coin drive fundraiser to help raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We are pleased to announce that our students were able to contribute $1,690.92 to the organization! The homeroom that raised the most money was Mrs. Giroux’s with $217.59. They will be enjoying a pizza party celebration! Students worked hard to save pennies they found at home, requested from their parents, neighbors and family members, and brought them to school in an effort to help those suffering from blood cancer. Through classroom discussions, students learned about Leukemia and Lymphoma and the effect it has on people. The students immediately wanted to help contribute to research funds as they are hopeful that one day scientists and doctors will discover a cure. We are so proud of our students for being such caring and compassionate members of their communities. Their desire and motivation to host this coin drive, shows that children can make a big difference in our world. We are looking forward to our school participating in this fundraiser next year!

TMMS Student is Inspired to Write Poetry

Fly Away

Spread your wings and fly away

Stay happy even if today is not your day

Use your spirit to be okay

So we can see you “Fly by Day”

But if you are in darkness let me be the light

To help someone worthy “Fly by Night”

Just don’t give up there is still one more round to fight,

A legend said this his name is Muhammed Ali

He told tons “Float like a butterfly, then sting like a bee

The fight is almost won so get ready to “Dance and Be Free”

But I rather see you try forever than to quit

If you are asking why I wrote this,

“Because We Dreamed It”

By: Erignacio Fermin

Thank you Nila Webster!

Nila Webster, a children’s book author who lives in Revere, draws inspiration from a line in one of her mother’s poems: “Because we dreamed it /it came true.”

Since a diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer in 2010, Webster has dreamed of devoting the rest of her life to sharing her positive energy through her books. Webster visited our school some time ago and was very impressed with the positivity she saw, was inspired by our guiding principal D.R.E.A.M. and in turn donated copies of her book “Because We Dreamed It” to every student at TMMS.

For the past month students have been reading her book as part of our Advisory program. As a thank you, a group of students prepared questions and feedback for Ms. Webster, and met with her to discuss their thoughts.

Thank you Nila Webster for your generous donation, and for taking the time to visit our grateful students!

Unified in the Arts (and Science and Hallways) at TMMS

Hello everyone!  Check out lots of pictures from our Unified Arts classes (wood shop, music, art, computers) and Science classes.  I also snuck a few in from the hallway.  Speaking of the arts- we had author, Nila Webster, visit our school.  We’ve been reinforcing our guiding DREAM principles: Dignity, Respect, Effort, Attitude and Motivation by exploring the book of poetry, Because We Dreamed It, gifted to us by the author Ms. Nila Webster.


The month of March we will be looking for students who exemplify the “E” in our Guiding Principle; D.R.E.+A. M..  E if for EFFORT!

Art Class


Chorus and TV Production

Computer Class

Science Class

D.R.E.A.M. recipients for Respect

The Championship Shot Heard Round Lynn

On Thursday, March 2, the Marshall Mustangs played the Breed Bobcats one final time for the 2016-2017 season. However, this was not your typical basketball game. Both teams finished the regular season with a record of 12-1 and this game would determine who placed first in the Northeastern Conference. Shot after shot, layup after layup, both teams played smart in hopes of becoming the NEC Champion. It was a constant battle the entire game and with only 17 seconds remaining, Jeffrey Afwande (Breed) made a layup to tie the score at 49-49. That layup silenced the gym almost immediately and the feeling of victory slowly diminished. After a timeout called by Marshall, it all came down to one final play. Marvens Rosirus (Marshall) dribbled the ball upcourt and was nearly double-teamed once he passed the halfway point. Rosirus passed the ball to Rondell Brathwaite (Marshall) who then passed it back to Rosirus for a wide-open, half court shot. With 3.5 seconds left on the clock, everyone knew this would be the last shot in regulation. As the ball soared through the air, it felt like an eternity, but once the shot was made, that feeling became pure excitement. The buzzer-beating, half court shot made by Rosirus earned the Marshall Mustangs the NEC Title. Congratulations to the boys basketball team on an excellent season!


TMMS Honor Roll | 2nd Quarter

Congratulations to all those who made Honor Roll for the 2nd Quarter

Thurgood Marshall Middle School

High Honors (Principal's List)

Grade 6:

Gabriella Burke, Gianna Buscemi Nowka,Jacob Chez, Miriam Crisman, Candace Erwin, Emmah Faris- Howes, Derek Garcia Rodriguez, Naydalin Guevara, Madelyn Macario, Brayam Panmo Nokoua, Joshua Paulino Ozuna, Abigail Rodriguez, Alexander Rodriguez, Gisell Santos Landaverde, Olivia Sawall, Iris Son, Daileny Torres, Heaven Veliz De Leon.

Grade 7:

Britney Aguilar, James Aguilar,Michelle Alfaro Orozco, Michaelangelo Antonetti, Jasinairy Camilo Lopez, Mariana Corona, Alliyah Cuevas, Giang Do, Selena Flores, Wilmer Huggins Rivera, Elvisa Husidic, Guiliana Imbriano, Gregory Jimenez, Joan Kigotho, Bryan Landaverde Portillo, Chantrea Ly, Amy Mai, Gabriel Melara- Paz, Amel Ogresevic, Amela Ogresevic, Marissa Pacheco, Claudia Perez Jurado, Marcus Perry, Jayden Porter, Wilber Rivas Cubias, Elizabeth Ross Herrarte, Basira Sharifi, Naeshaun Springer, Kiersten Stewart, Yariel Tejeda, Mohammed Uddin, Jackson Wang.

Grade 8:

Victoria Aguilar, Arryanna Chan, Maldini Damas, Emily Deveau, Kyle Deveau, Afifa Farjana, Erignacio Fermin Perez, Dulce Garcia Reynoso, Tyler Generazzo, Amilcar Gomez Lopez, Katie Guzman Deleon, Ali Khamis, Nyah Mateo Lalimarmo, Amy Lopez Esteban, Jenny Ly, Natalie Noesi, Victory Otaru, Soledad Peralta Doninguez, Jeremiah Perjuste, Kelvin Robles Dubon, Sabrin Sefa, Georgina Toribio Reyes, Joshua Transtamar, Albieris Vargas, Meralis Ventura Delgado, Jocelyn Villanueva, Veronica Vong, Ana Yanes, Heidi Zacarias Gomez.


Grade 6:

Guiliani Acevedo, Heady Acosta Andino, Sajjad Almubarak, Adolfo Ampudia, Janathan Andrades, Antony Armas Macario, Shirlie Arreaga, Jarel Arroyo, Jadalyce Baez, Luisa Bautista Rojas, Todd Becker, Laila Bile, Adrianna Bonilla Mercedes, Jaylee Brooks, Jaylyn Brooks, Angel Cabrera, Ruben Cardona- Matul, Keyanni Chalmus, Cynthia Chan, Alexandra Chen, Jocelyn Chiari, Doung Chan Chim, Khouri Chrysostom, Jose Cruz, Diana Cuevas Tejada, Emma Dahlberg, Victor De La Rosa, Ann Del Villar Cruz, Niorllorys Despiau Hernandez, Ylbania Dilone Peguero, Jayden Duong, Yesenia Esteban Lopez, Kayla Fafulovic, Jason Figuereo Familia, Zama Fleurant, Anaisha Foster,Yeselina Gerardo, Emely Gomez Armas, Brandon Gomez Macario, Dario Gomez Mendez, Jeiner Gomez Mendez, Edwin Gomez Ramirez, Jaqueline Gonzalez Durante, Taylah Griffin, Xavier Guillen, Dayjahli Guy, Jannelle Henriquez, Jiadaliz Hernandez, Edison Hernandez Gutierrez, Kelly Hernandez Mendez, Lindsay Hoyt, Shaymaa Jabbar, Jose Jimenez Ramirez, Manuel Leon Tejada, Michelle Lesperance, April Loeu, Cristina Lopez, Andy Lopez Esteban, Maria Lujano Nunez, Jaiden Madden, Biana Matias, Alma Mayorga Perdomo, Charlene McKansas, Lizbeth Mejia Lopez, Rodin Mendez Ventura, Sheyla Mendoza Figueroa, Mustafa Mohammed, Jaira Morales, Sherlyn Morales Urena,Valeria Morgenstern, Dasani Mourn, Isaiah Navarro, Angelica Ngaleu, Endui Noesi, Ramon Nunez, Collin O’Reilly, Kiana Pena, Emaliese Peralta, Felicia-Renee Perjuste, Sydney Porter, Victoria Prentiss, Elijah Qunitana, ,Mya Ramirez, Sarah Reis, Ismerai Reyes Melgar, Jose Reyes Santos, Emely Robles, Jeiry Robles, Lidia Robles Rivera, Anthony Rodas, Gadiel Rodriguez, Litzy Rodriguez, Emelisa Romero Garcia, Leah Salazar Yparraguirre, Alexa Santa Cruz, Mariana Santos Martin, Keavon Sidney, Elyssa Sierra, Aric Son, Rosetta Son, Kaitlyne Spring, Jaziah Sutson, Emily Taveras, Klabelly Valette, Keiddy Vasquez Espinal, Jacob Ventura, Giovanni Villatoro Vasquez, Damien White.

Grade 7:

Gabi Aguilon, Melissa Aispuro Escobar, Carlos Alas Rodriguez, Wajiha Albreizat, Malik Ali, Amanda Alonzo Guevara, Anjelis Amaro, Stephanie Amaya, Dianara Bamaca Lopez, Jonathan Barrientos Arriaza, Eylin Barrios Chavez, Ali Barry, Felicity Blaney –Williams, Diamond Bogues, Juana Maria Bonilla, Jacqueline Borelli, Gissell Caceres Chavez, William Castaneda RodriguezLesli Cax Niz, Leezaquaanh Chau, Joseiris Chiari, Bryan Chinchilla, Ray Contreras Figueroa, Noel Crisostomo, Ashley Cruz Encarnacion, Devante Cunningham, Adhraa Dawood, Kevin De Leon De Leon, Ashanty Desena, Carolina Diaz, Alex Duong, Tommy Em, Adam Embarch, Ashley Fuentes, Kelly Fuentes Guzman, Diana Gomez Romero, Paolo Guerrero Acosta, Alfredo Gutierrez Betancourt, Amy Gutierrez Mendez, Jadalize Guzman, Rahib Hassan, Monica Henriquez, Jason Hill, Annie Joseph, Mya Khaing, Cindy Krang, Hanae Laroussi, Kai Larson, Emily LeBrasseur, Jesus Lopez, Yoselin Lopez Gonzalez, Brian Lopez Lopez, Samuel Lopez Quintanilla Jadiel Lopez- Reyna, Grace Lukan, Samantha Maiy, Rosa Maldonado Tejada, Ury Matul Ixlaj, Kayla McCaul,Emily McKeever, Kelly Mendez Aguilar, Angel Mendoza, Miguel Mercedes Sanchez, Samuel Mercedes Vega, Leah Milliotis, Veronica Moeun, Shayla Morales, Nolan Mulcahy, John Mungai, Kasey Nguyen, Melany Nieves, Tysonjah Odom, Maaz Osman, Jaklin Ovalle Lopez, Jairone Pagan, Jeremy Paulino, Brian Paz, Kevin Paz Diaz, Nathalia Pena, David Penado Lopez, Brysen Phantharath, Angeline Pojoy, Abdiel Pojoy Merida, Jonathan Polonia, Krisda Poy, Elianna Quintana, Emily Ramirez, Randy Ramirez, Nathalie Reyes, Betania Rivera Hidalgo Ashley Rodriguez, Naomi Rodriguez, Shanelly Rodriguez, Oscar Rodriguez Gomez, Bryan Romero Padilla, Gabriel Rosado Marte, Nakayla Rosario, Lucas Scandone, Tanisha Sermeno, Jaidon Taing, Brianna Touy, Celeste Valdovinos, Natalie Villemaire, Lindsy Weiner, Michael Welch, Amber Wolf, Ashli Zacarias Gamboa.

Grade 8:

Yuleisy Abad Hiraldo, Dyanna Adames De La Rosa, , Roberto Aguirre, Karla Alvarado Linares, Robyn Barrios, Alexis Barrios Lopez, Ava Benzan, Rondell Brathwaite, Davon Bun, Iris Campos, Bryan Carcamo Oviedo, Nydia Cardona- Matul, Darsi Castillo, Ashley Chavez, Kevin Chavez Romero, Ayanna Detamphayvanh, Nayelis Diaz, Christoher Doen, Clarisse Ebehn, Maikel Echavarrian Gomez, Ashleu Fajardo, Abner Feliciano Barrera, Antwone Feliciano Perez, Floriisel Ferreira- Garcia, Wendy Fuentes Vasquez, Destiny Garcia, Alejandra Gomez- Guzman, Alheli Gonzalez Huaman, Kassandra Gonzalez Forty Ana Grullon Tavarez, Victoria Guerrero Blandon, Estefani Hache Lolinga, Jonathan Hernandes Vasques, Marianaliz Hernandez, Brenda Hernandez y Hernandez, Geneliz Herrera, Chayanne Jean Baptiste, Luzvia Jimenez Aguilon, Evelyn Juarez Tomas, Erick Lanuza Cartagena, Heber Lopez, Yovani Lopez Lopez, Anthony Lora Laboy, Jahilaa Martin, Johanna Martinez, Luis Martinez Castillo, Ashley Martinez Zepeda, Jenny Matul, Aaliyah Mendez Perlera, Emily Millman, Angelina Mom, Alaliz Moreno, Nancy Mulbah, Josbel Murphy Araujo, Thi Nguyen, Darvin Nolasco Lopez, Aila Ogresevic, Ikechukwu Oranekwu, Sherina Ortega Rosario, Cassidy Pa, Kimahni Palmer, Junior Phem, Braiyaken Polanco Batista, Ingrid Portillo Saravia, Daniella Quinones Escobar, Franklin Quintanilla Hernandez, Sk Rahaman, Natalie Ramirez, Emily Reis, Thaliana Rivera, Tania Rodriguez, Diosdely Silvestre Polanco, Lydia Splaine, Colby Stevens, Shantel Tamba, Zion Taylor, Cheyanne Tibbitts, Massiel Tolentino.