Dignity, respect, effort, attitude, and motivation. These five words spell out the DREAM acronym which is the guiding principal at Thurgood Marshall Middle School. These words also perfectly describe Vi Nguyen.

Vi is an 8th grade student in Cluster 7 at Thurgood Marshall Middle School. Vi came to Marshall this past September from Vietnam. Not only did Vi have to focus on learning the English language, but she also had to adjust to her new home. Vi is also the only person in Cluster 7 that speaks Vietnamese. To most people this would be overwhelming, but Vi rose to the challenge.

Vi makes coming to school a priority. She is rarely ever absent. While at school she is extremely dignified. She has all her materials for class (especially her bilingual dictionary), her homework is meticulously completed. And her attitude in class is serious and focused. She is truly a model student. Vi’s positive attitude about school is contagious. She is a leader in all her classes and the amount of English she has learned since September is impressive. Her teachers can always count on her to help students in class with difficult assignments or help a new student get acclimated to the cluster. She does this all with respect and poise.

Though her work ethic, friendly demeanor, and leadership skills are present in all Vi’s classes, she has proven to be exceptional at math. She plays the online program First in Math at home every night. She is ranked as one of the top ten players for the entire school. She has maintained this ranking since the fall. When Vi finishes her classwork she opens up her math book practice test booklet and works on diligently solving each algebra problem page be page. It seems there is no math problem that she can’t solve!

In closing, Vi is an asset at Marshall, especially in Cluster 7. She is passionate about her education and helping others. Vi’s effort and motivation are remarkable. Her teachers are honored to be able to teach her every day and her classmates are fortunate to be able to learn from her every day. She clearly represents the DREAM.

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