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Millionaires Club Gains Insight

Millionaire’s Club offers students an opportunity to learn and engage in banking concepts, such as differences between a bank and a credit union, debit card and credit card, credit scores, how to budget and manage personal finances, stock market, etc. Students will also discuss best ways to create a resume and prepare for a job interview.

This week, students had the privilege of meeting with Mr. Michael Hourigan, a certified financial planner, who generously offered, in his free time, to talk with them about financial issues.

Cluster 5 December Newsletter

  THURGOOD MARSHALL MIDDLE SCHOOL CLUSTER 5 NEWSLETTER December 2016 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Dear Parents and Guardians,     SCIENCE       We have finished all of our unit on physical science including motion, newton’s laws, matter, and energy.  Now our class is moving into Earth and space science to reinforce the patterns on our planet …

First in Math in Cluster 5

Mathematics             I am happy to announce that the school year 2016/2017 had a smooth start in Math! Students have been attentive, polite and eager to learn. They have come prepared with notebook and pencil. I look forward to seeing this pattern of behavior continue during the rest of the school year! All students have …